Delegate Dave Albo on Health Care

The Commonwealth of Virginia has tried very hard to make sure health care is available and affordable for all of its citizens. As your delegate, I have helped to pass bills that ensure children are covered even if their parents cannot afford insurance themselves, make insurance more affordable for small businesses, and to help reform Medicaid.

The one thing your General Assembly has not pursued is government run health care which forces citizens into a centralized system of government paid doctors. Such a system totally eliminates patient choice of doctor, acts as a disincentive to the “best and the brightest” pursuing medicine as a career, and will undoubtedly in the long run, lead to state government bankruptcy.

I have provided the following bill list for my constituents about health insurance initiatives and reforms in our state.

Flexible Benefits Health Insurance – HB 2024 (2009)

This bill reduces the number of insured Virginians by allowing small businesses the ability to offer health insurance plans.

Small Business Insurance Pools – HB 761 (2006)

This bill allowed small businesses to pool together in cooperatives to offer coverage of health care services.

Long-Term Health Care – HB 786 & HB 759 (2006)

These bills encourage purchasing long-term care health insurance because of tax credits and long-term care partnership programs.

Electronic Health Records – HB 2198 (2007) & HB 2044 (2009)

These bills implement the use of electronic records in order to get rid of medical errors that lead up to the death of 98,000 Americans every year.

Affordable Health Care – HB 397 (2008)

In order to make health care more affordable, this bill removes certain limitations on the deductibles that a health maintenance organization may require.

Comprehensive Medicaid Reform – HB 758 (2006)

This bill transforms Medicaid by introducing or expanding Health Opportunity Accounts, disease management, managed care and electronic benefit transfers.

Increased Medical Care Competition – HB 1598 (2009)

The criteria for issuance of a Certificate of Public Need is revised which will lead to increased competition in health care service delivery.

Expanded Access to Health Care – HB 5002 (2006)

This bill expanded access to and support of Virginia’s 34 community health centers and 47 free clinics.

Price Transparency – HB 603 (2008)

Health insurance carries are required to report the amount the carrier is required to pay the provider for the health care services. This makes it possible for patients to make better decisions when choosing services.

Comprehensive Mental Health Reform – HB 499, HB 559, HB 560 & HB 815 (2008)

These bills made reforms to Virginia’s mandatory outpatient treatment laws by closing the gaps in the mental health system exposed in the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Support for Mental Health – HB 1650 (2007), HB 1600 & HB 2674 (2009)

The General Assembly bills funded over 800 additional community mental retardation waiver slots while establishing a goal of eliminating the urgent care waiting list, increases in inpatient psychiatric hospital services and health care coverage of low-income expectant mothers. Support is also provided for Virginia’s 40 Community Service Boards and 16 state facilities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, Delegate Dave Albo, at 703-451-3555 or check out my website at


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