Press Release: Del. Albo Outraged over College’s Actions

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dave Albo
(703) 451-3555

Delegate is Outraged over College’s Actions

SPRINGFIELD – In the latest effort by Delegate Dave Albo to encourage more instate slots to Virginia’s universities and colleges, Delegate Albo has expressed his outrage on the recent addition to the College of William and Mary’s staff.

The college created a new position of the Assistant President of Diversity to continue the spread of diversity on the campus. While it should be applauded that the school is reaching out to all of its students and making sure every voice is heard, it is extremely disappointing when this money could have been used for our in-state students. Delegate Albo has estimated that the cost of this new position is $200,000 once salary and benefits are added into the equation. This number is same as 10 in-state slots for students.

During the 2009 session, Delegate Albo introduced House Bill 1696, to increase the number of Virginia slots. The original bill asked for a ratio of 80 percent in-state and 20 percent out-of-state. In the end, Delegate Albo agreed to a compromise of 75 percent to 25 percent. However, William and Mary came forward and stated they did not have enough money to operate by lowering their out-of-state students and admitted out-of-state students pay $20,000 more to attend.

This story is an example of how public higher education institutions are not helping out students. Creating such a position as the Assistant President of Diversity continues to perpetuate the problem our students are facing.

Some of Delegate Albo’s constituents are feeling the strain. A recent high school graduate received the cum laude honor and yet must attend college outside of Virginia as the student was not accepted to any public colleges or universities in the Commonwealth.

“I have an election in November and if I win, this will be the first bill I will pre-file,” stated Delegate Albo, in reference to increasing in-state slots. “It isn’t right that our colleges are stating they can’t afford in-state spots but, meanwhile, they are creating positions within the school.”

The delegate has repeatedly mentioned that his issue is not just with high ranking colleges and universities like William and Mary and his alma mater, the University of Virginia. “Unfortunately, students now have to get above a 4.0 to get into either of these schools and those who get 3.8 GPAs go to Virginia Tech and JMU. What happens to those kids who did well in school but only got 3.3 GPAs? Where do they go? There has to be a way to keep the high reputation of our schools and yet, also allow for our bright students to attend.”

To find out more information about this, visit The article on William and Mary’s Assistant President of Diversity can be located at,0,5370685.story



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