Press Release: Delegate Albo on WSHS

For Immediate Release

Delegate Dave Albo Proposes Changes to WSHS

Springfield – Delegate Dave Albo (West Springfield High School Class of 1980) introduced a new plan to help the condition of West Springfield High School.  Built in 1966, WSHS has never received an upgrade.  It presently has a deteriorating building both inside and out, lacks proper electrical structure to accommodate advancements in technology, and needs new lab space for modern day science classes. While School Board members and parents have helped to put WSHS on the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) list to finally be renovated, WSHS is still near the end of the list and is not expected to be renovated until the 2020’s.

Working together with School Board member, Liz Bradsher, and Erik Hawkins from the parent-led “Spartans Organized for Action on Renovation (SOAR),” and Supervisor Pat Herrity, Delegate Albo’s plan to renovate the school uses the plan he developed for the successful construction of South County Secondary School.

South County Secondary School was also on the CIP to be built when funding was available far in the future.  Delegate Albo worked closely with a group of South County parents and developed a public/private financing and construction method which completed SCSS in half of the time and two-thirds of the cost.

Delegate Albo’s plan uses this same successful method to renovate WSHS.  In 2008, it would have cost $181/sf to renovate a school ($54.3 million for WSHS).  Because of the recession, prices have now dropped to $136/sf ($40.8 million).  So renovating WSHS now saves millions.  Albo’s plan multiplies the savings by including all five 1960’s era high schools (the “Legacy 5”), which have never been renovated.   Doing all the schools now would offer dramatic savings for all five schools, and possibly additional savings from a volume discount. [1]

“It’s important that our students have an adequate learning environment, and it needs to happen sooner rather than later,” stated Delegate Albo.

Details of the Albo plan attached.

To get involved or find out more about WSHS, visit or


[1] Herndon, Oakton, Langley, and Falls Church high schools were all built in the 1960’s and are in need of renovation.  This group of five schools has been referred to as the “Legacy 5.”


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