Del Albo on Transportation in the District

Dear Constituent,

Like you, I drive to and from work in Northern Virginia so, this transportation issue is personal.

While there is still work to do, I do think I have been effective in delivering results over my 16 year term as your delegate.  I have helped to bring more transportation funding to our area than any other place in the state of Virginia.

So far, I have helped build the following:

–          New traffic light on Rolling Rd at Barnack Rd

–          Reconstruction of the I-95/385/495 Springfield Interchange

–          Construction of the Fairfax County Parkway

–          Widening Route 1, Lorton Rd, Route 123, and Occoquan Bridge

–          Completion of the Springfield Metro and expanded parking

–          New traffic lights on Lorton Rd at Lewis Chapel and Lorton Station

–          New traffic light on Pohick Rd at Lorton Station Rd

–          Doubling the capacity of the VRE and contructing the Lorton VRE station

–          Widening of North Rolling Rd (from Keene Mill to Braddock)

–          Re-timed traffic lights on Lorton Rd at Gunston Cove/Auto Train

Already planned and funded projects include:

–          Improvements to Silverbrook & Hooes Intersection

–          Widening of Lorton from 123 to Silverbrook

–          Completion of the Fairfax Co. Pkwy from Rolling Rd. to I-95 (underway)

–          Widening I-95 from Newington to the Occoquan River (underway)

–          New cars for VRE and METRO

–          Widening the Beltway from Mixing Bowl to Tysons (underway)

–          Dulles Rail (underway)

Certainly there is more work to do like getting a Washington By-Pass, creating a separate rail for the VRE, and helping lane widening on commuter roads to help overall congestion, but we are making progress.  Don’t think I am satisfied with this.  I just wanted you to know I am fighting for every transportation penny.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours for good government,


David B. Albo




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