Del. Albo on Transportation

The Board of Supervisors recently approved their Quarterly Status Report on the Board’s Second Four-Year Transportation Program.  Essentially, this is a list of projects that are currently being scheduled, built, and completed.  These are a combination of state and county funded projects for which us locally elected representatives have acquired the funding.

Some of the highlights for Delegate Albo’s area (Springfield, Lorton, Fairfax Station) include:

Lorton Road/Furnace Road from Silverbrook Road to Route 123: Widening to 4 lane divided section with bike lanes, shared use path, bridge crossings and a wide median in the Laurel Hill area.  (Scheduled completion date of December 2012.)

Silverbrook Road at Hooes Road: Improvements to configure turn lanes on the westbound Silverbrook Road approach.  Presently, we are trying to get an electronic crossing signal added in. (Scheduled completion date of December 2010.)

Silverbrook Road Walkway: Sidewalk will be installed along the north side of Silverbrook Road from Southrun Road to Monacan Road. (Scheduled completion date of December 2010.) Sidewalk along the north side of Silverbrook Road from Silverthorn Road to Bayberry Ridge Road. (Scheduled completion date of April 2010.)

Fairfax County Parkway (EPG): Build 6 lanes from Rolling Road/Franconia-Springfield Parkway to Fullerton Road. (Scheduled completion date of September 2010.)

The full list is much bigger and can be found at the Fairfax County Government’s website, or by clicking here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Delegate Dave Albo at (703) 451-3555.


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