Snow Update

As you are aware, we had a massive, historic snow storm this weekend.  This was the largest December storm in 77 years and the sixth biggest snow storm on record.  It seems that VDOT has been able to clear the primary roads (Rt. 123, Keene Mill, Rolling, Lorton Rd., etc.).  Now the challenge is the residential streets.  Crews have begun plowing the 7,000 lane miles of subdivision roads in Virginia.   Although I think it is ridiculous, VDOT says it will likely be  Wednesday night before all subdivisions are passable.   I hope to hold them up to a higher standard but, be that as it may, Wednesday is the date VDOT has given.   Drivers are still asked to use extreme caution on these roads, as they will be very difficult to navigate. Where crews have plowed, drivers can expect a path but slushy conditions with high piles of snow to the sides.   Pavement temperatures remain below freezing in all areas, and crews are expected to retreat roads today as refreezes are expected for the next couple of days.

We must realize that VDOT simply does not have enough equipment for immediate action in all areas in this kind of storm.  To purchase enough equipment for a storm of this magnitude would not be financially prudent.  Storms like these are rare, so if we had enough equipment to knock all of the plowing out in two days, all the equipment would sit idle for 99% of the time, thus wasting your state tax dollars.  So, let’s wait and see where we are at the end of the day on Monday.  If your street has not been plowed by Wednesday morning, contact me and I will notify VDOT.  If you or a neighbor has a medical problem which mandates a visit to a doctor or hospital, contact me immediately.

Also, for your information, on my web site, you can link to VDOT’s road conditions web site:

Kind Regards,

Dave Albo


One response to “Snow Update

  1. I fully agree that to expect VDOT to have enough equipment to handle worst case situation is not reasonable. What I do not understand is what is their triage process for residential areas. I have driven through three other subdivisions in the Springfield area, and found that their main entrance roads were clear, yet in the Saratoga Subdivision the main roads (Edinburgh, Northumberland, and Lake Pleasant) as of 8:34 Wednesday night were far from being safely passable. I can deal with my street being a mess for a week or more, but the main roads which are also through way for Fairfax Connector Bus 304, I would think they are on the must do list.

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