Constituent Response from Lorton

Dear Friends of Lorton,

Attached are letters from State Delegate Dave Albo and VDOT District Administrator Morteza Salehi regarding the issue of illegal advertising signs.

Dave requested VDOT to act in support of our community’s complaints about the illegal signage creating litter along our neighborhood streets. As a result, VDOT crews removed some signs along Richmond Highway in Lorton.  Mr. Salehi also indicates there are other  approaches that could prove helpful in reducing the volume of illegal signs; i.e., Scheduled Adopt-a-Highway Clean-ups; VDOT’s contract mowers (grassy medians only); and in situations where signs would potentially impact the safety of the citizens or that are potentially damaging to State property (as on traffic directional signage?).

Thank you Dave Albo for your support for the Lorton community.

Mr. Salahi suggests contacting Mr. Robert F. Driscoll, P.E, Area Maintenance Engineer for Fairfax County at (703) 383-2265 in the event you have a question or require VDOT assistance with illegal advertising signs along the roadsides in Lorton.

Additionally, at the request of Brett Kenney, the Fairfax Sheriff’s Community Labor Force did a sweep of Richmond Highway about two weeks ago to remove some illegal signs. Thanks Brett. And, we should also thank those intrepid community activists who have taken down untold numbers of illegal signs from our neighborhood streets.

Best regards,

Joe Chudzik


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