What You Need to Know About Transportation Funding from VDOT

The Virginia Department of Transportation recently held a seminar to update citizens on the important facts of transportation funding.  To summarize:

– The current highway infrastructure is aging and needs constant repair.

– That being said, Virginia does not have the money to keep up with maintenance standards.

– Currently, highway maintenance funds require 51% of the VDOT budget.

– Construction funds make up 30% of the VDOT budget. This small percentage is not large enough to address the Commonwealth’s construction needs.

– Each year, millions of dollars are transferred over from the Construction Fund to help provide for the Maintenance Fund.

– “Without additional funding, VDOT cannot continue to provide the current scope of services and the new construction needed.”

To find a copy of the entire power point, click here.

For questions, concerns, or suggestions, please leave your comments below or contact Delegate Dave Albo at 703-451-3555.


One response to “What You Need to Know About Transportation Funding from VDOT

  1. Dave,

    I know you and most of your GOP colleages are oppose to a tax increase of some type, e.g., income, gas, or sales, it seems very simple to me that we can’t fund all of the services and projects the state requires without an increase. There have been many legislative schemes in the past to raise funds by other means and none of them work. When will the light come on?

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