2011 General Assembly: Week 2

The first full week of 2011 General Assembly session is now over.  The House committees and subcommittees are currently considering 1,300 bills and resolutions introduced during this 46-day session.

During this “short” session delegates have a limit of 15 bills.  In 2010, I met with constituents and learned what issues were most important to you.  As a result, I have introduced all the bills I can to make sure my constituents are heard down here in Richmond.  Some of the bills include:

HB 1491 Highway maintenance funds; requires CTB to allocate funds on basis of achieving level of disparity. I introduced this same bill last year, but it was killed in the Senate. This bill seeks to change the current transportation maintenance formula based upon the amorphous standard of “need,” to one that is based upon the actual quality of the roads, bridges, tunnels, and rails as determined by scientific standards. The problem is that the “need” standard results in NOVA, which has 25% of the population of Virginia, receiving only 14% of the money. This new scientific standard will make sure that the money goes to where the true problems are. This bill has not been heard in subcommittee yet.

H.B. 2499 Insurance license tax; dedicates to Highway Maintenance Fund one-third of total revenue. This bill uses one-third of the total revenue from the insurance license tax and dedicates to the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund. This is to help maintain the roads we drive on everyday.

HB 1468 Citizenship or legal presence required for public assistance; verification required.  This bill requires local departments of social services to verify citizenship or legal presence of an applicant for public assistance before initiating provision of benefits, and that the Governor may withhold the appropriation of state funds under his control to any agency, political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or locality in violation of this act. This bill has not yet been heard in subcommittee.

The full list of my bills can be found here. I look forward to updating you next week.

Don’t hesitate to contact me while I am down in Richmond.  I can be reached by email, DelDAlbo@house.virginia.gov, or by phone, (804) 698-1042. Also, if you get a chance, please fill out my 2011 legislative survey.

Yours for good government,

Dave Albo



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