HB1476: Sexual abuse; limitations period.

I am the chief patron of this bill. The official summary reads:

HB1476: Sexual abuse; limitations period. Extends the limitations period for actions for sexual abuse committed during the infancy or incapacity of the abused person from two years to 25 years from the time of the removal of the infancy or incapacity or from the time the cause of action otherwise accrues.

This bill was reported out of the Civil subcommittee and then to the full Courts of Justice committee with the amendment to change the proposed time period from 25 years to 8 years. This is still a huge difference from the current two year statute of limitations. The bill now gives the victim of childhood sexual crimes more time to press charges against the perpetrator.

I am happy to report that this bill was passed out of the House of Delegates today without any opposition. The bill will not be assigned to a Senate committee and will follow the same course it took in the House of Delegates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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