Lorton Road and Hillside Road

Hurricane Irene caused substantial flooding in the area, including washing out two streets in my district. Both Lorton Road and Hillside Road were damaged from the storm.

Hillside Road in Springfield

Lorton Road in Lorton

As you can see from these pictures, these roads are not going to be able to be fixed overnight.  The Virginia Department of Transportation and the Secretary of Transportation are working on rebuilding these bridges. The current time estimate for Lorton Road is two months, as it is an old, brick bridge that may need to be torn out and rebuilt. Hillside Road also has a estimated completion time of two months. Both projects could cost $10 million dollars combined.

I know these aren’t answers we want to hear, but these roads are in really bad shape.  If you saw the roads in person, my guess is that you would think that a time frame of eight weeks is understandable given the amount of damage.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Dave Albo


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