Lorton Road Re-opened Sunday, Oct 9

After suffering damage in last month’s floods, Lorton Road re-opened on Sunday, October 9. The flood washed away the bridge’s wing walls and severely damaged the approaches to the bridge. Construction crews replaced the entire superstructure with steel beams and a timber deck topped with asphalt. New guardrail was also installed. The work on this road was completed a month ahead of schedule.

Two roads in Springfield still remain closed and under construction. Essex Road is scheduled to reopen in early November and Hillside Road should reopen by Thanksgiving.

Thanks for everyone’s patience with dealing with this natural disaster. I will try to keep you up to date as I receive new information.

Damage on Lorton Rd following storm:

Lorton Rd construction nearing completion a month ahead of schedule:


One response to “Lorton Road Re-opened Sunday, Oct 9

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