Cost of Competing in Northern Virginia

This session the Governor has proposed to eliminate Cost of Competing Adjustment (COCA) funding from support positions, a move that would lose Northern Virginia millions in education funding.  COCA is part of the funding formula that the state uses to determine how much money each area of Virginia gets for education. Its specific role is recognize which areas of the State require higher salaries, due to high costs of living, in order to attract highly qualified teachers and support staff to our school systems.  The Governor’s proposal cuts Northern Virginia localities by $65 million (including a number of counties bordering Fairfax).  This sets back funding our area has gained with the updated Composite Index of Local Ability to Pay (LCI). This new LCI was going to add $87.8 million for areas whose ability to pay have decreased, which NOVA has dealt with due to increased enrollment and the current economy.

I have proposed a budget amendment to halt the Governor’s proposal and hopefully maintain Fairfax County’s level of funding. I will keep you updated on the status of this amendment, as the Appropriations Committee considers each aspect of the proposed budget.



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