New VDOT Snow Plow Tracker!

Now I know with weather like today, no one is even thinking about snow, but VDOT is working to be prepared for any surprise storms in our future. They just finished creating a new web tool to show the status of plowing in northern Virginia neighborhoods.

This instructional video provides information on how to use this new tool, which will allow residents to view the status of plowing in our area once it snows at least two inches. Users will be able to view 600 “snow maps”, which are areas assigned to plow drivers. These maps will show whether crews are in the process of plowing, have finished or haven’t started a particular snow map. Progress is grouped by each map and does not have the capability to show street-by-street progress.

So, even though it’s 60 degrees and sunny today, keep this tool in mind if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse.  The tool can be found at


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