2012 Session Update #4

Tomorrow we reach the halfway point of the Session, known as Crossover in the General Assembly. Crossover is the day that the House of Delegates must complete its work on the nearly 1,300 House Bills introduced this session.  On Wednesday, the House will begin to review all bills that have passed the State Senate as they begin to consider our bills.

We have accomplished a lot in the past five weeks of Session with over 400 bills, covering a wide range of issues, passed in the House. Over one-third of the bills the House has passed relate to helping businesses create jobs, expanding education opportunities, keeping our communities safe, and making our government more efficient and effective. These areas of focus will also be addressed in the budget, which will soon be voted on by the House of Delegates.

House Republicans Unveil 2012 Public Safety Agenda

Last week, I, along with some of my colleagues, held a press conference to highlight some public safety initiatives to keep families safe from drug traffickers, individuals who prey on children, drunk drivers, gang members, and those who commit domestic violence.

I have put forward two bills, HB 49 and HB 50, which respectively increase the jail time for DUI-maiming and DUI-manslaughter. HB 49 was read for the first time on the House floor on February 12th. HB 50 has been incorporated by Courts of Justice to HB962 Delegate Bell’s bill.

Making Virginia the Most Veteran Friendly State

This week, the House passed a handful of bills aimed at making Virginia the most veteran and military friendly state in the US.  On February 6, the House passed HB 719, a bill that allows for a veteran with a permanently disabled service-connected disability to purchase a lifetime hunting, fishing, or combined hunting and fishing license at a discounted rate. The House also passed HB 384 which would give hiring preference for state jobs to members of the Virginia National Guard. This bill builds from last year’s efforts to give veterans hiring preference for state jobs.

Progress of my bills

I’ve also been active this past week with my own bills that have come before the House. A few that passed in the House follow:

HB 470– Alcoholic beverage control; advertising “Happy Hour.”  Provides that nothing in ABC law or ABC Board regulations shall be construed to prohibit a retail on-premises licensee from advertising “Happy Hour” or “Drink Specials” and the time period during which alcoholic beverages are being sold at reduced prices using the Internet or similar forms of electronic communications media, provided the licensee complies with all other provisions of ABC law and Board regulations.

On February 10th this bill passed in the House unanimously. This bill will now be reviewed by the Senate.

HB 471– Alcoholic beverage control; outdoor advertising; penalty.  Requires all outdoor advertising of alcoholic beverages to be in compliance with ABC law, ABC Board regulations, and VDOT law and regulations concerning outdoor advertising in sight of public highways. The bill provides that the provisions of ABC law relating to outdoor advertising of alcoholic beverages shall not apply to any sign that is included in the Integrated Directional Sign Program administered by the Virginia Department of Transportation or its agents. The bill also provides that the Virginia Department of Transportation is responsible for determining compliance with the outdoor advertising of alcoholic beverages on signs and billboards. The bill sets out the penalties for violation. The bill contains technical amendments.

On February 10th this bill passed in the House unanimously. This bill will now be reviewed by the Senate.

If you’d like to see all of the bills that I introduced this session, please visit my website www.davealbo.org and click on the icon “Link to Dave’s Bills”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me while I’m in Richmond. You can reach me at our Richmond office number, (804) 698-1042, or at my House email, deldalbo@house.virginia.gov.


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