Voter Fraud in Florida

This year I filed HB 895, which sought to require some proof of citizenship to register to vote. I found out that when a person registers, there is absolutely no requirement to show that he/she is a citizen. We carried the bill over to next year because it is hugely complicated and expensive. Also, we want to make sure that no actual citizens, who may not have a birth certificate or passport, are denied the right to vote. Rest assured I am working to solve the problem. Despite the obvious problems, I had certain immigration groups actively campaigning not only against the bill, but actually campaigning against me door to door this winter! I was shocked that people would be against making sure that people are properly registered. These groups claimed that there is “no evidence of voter fraud”. My response to this was, “How do you know if no one checks?” For example, how would anyone know if there is underage drinking at a bar if no one checked ID’s at the door?

The reason I am pointing this out today in my blog is that I saw this news report out of Florida. The long and short of it is that they discovered 100 people who said in a jury service form that they could not serve because they were non-citizens, but they were registered to vote. I know that 100 is not a large number, but this is JUST the people who admitted they were not citizens on jury forms. This is an extremely small sample, so the actual voter fraud in Florida could be huge.

If you are interested, check out this news clip from Florida:

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