Happy Hour Regulations


I would like to let you know some information about the ABC and their happy hour regulations. The Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) has been holding meetings on happy hour regulations since August 2011. These meetings incorporate the public and allow them to give their input.

While it is MUCH more complicated than this, in short, the ABC was looking at proposals to allow advertising on the internet to include detailed drink specials and times on the internet sites of restaurants. They also looked at expanding their hours.

After input from restaurants and groups of people against it, the Board proposed no expansions of times and details. This allows restaurants to only post the terms such as “happy hour” or “drink specials” with the date and time on their sites. In other words, they cannot give details such as “half price beer.” Just the phrases “happy hour” and “drink specials” on X date at Y time are appropriate.

Here is where the process is now:

A Notice of Intended Regulatory Action was published on July 30, 2012, with a public comment period through August 29, 2012.

At this time, the ABC is preparing the paperwork to file the proposed regulation package. The goal is to get the proposed package in the hands of the Attorney General’s office for legal review by October 15. Following a fiscal impact analysis by DPB, and approval by the Secretary of Public Safety and the Governor’s office, it will then be published. Then there will be a 60-day public comment period before it can be finally adopted into the regulation.

Those who are still against this compromise can write to the Governor who can reject this regulation package.


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