The Year of the Teacher

Here is an easy way to show appreciation for the hard work of your current and/or past teachers. I’m sure many of you have been influenced by an educator at some point in your life (I know I have), and what better way is there to thank them than by acknowledging their hard work and dedication. Below is a brief summary of Governor McDonnell’s most recent effort to do the same:

In accordance with his All Students initiative, Governor McDonnell has proclaimed 2013 the “Year of the Teacher”. In an effort to “do more to recognize and appreciate these professionals,” Governor McDonnell has developed a plan that calls for a 2% raise for all teachers, as well as incentivizes for retaining, recruiting, and rewarding educators who demonstrate excellence in their respective fields.

Governor McDonnell has also developed various outreach programs and events in order to further publicize both his plan and the work of these fine individuals. Among these events is the “My Favorite Teacher” contest which will run through January 30th at 5:00pm. This contest is open to the public, and encourages everyone to submit up to a 100 word essay to These submissions will then be displayed on the All Students Virginia Facebook page throughout the month

For additional information about Governor McDonnell’s plan, as well as a schedule of upcoming “Year of the Teacher” events, you can visit his website at http://www.ALLSTUDENTS.Virginia.Gov.


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