495 HOT Lanes Usage for December


Here is some interesting information regarding HOT lane’s usage for the month of December. I thought you all may be interested.

“As congestion increased, demand for the Express Lanes also increased, resulting in escalation of the dynamic pricing. To travel the full length of the Express Lanes, the minimum toll price for the period was $1.65 and the maximum peak price was $3.70. The average toll per trip thus far has been $1.07.

On average, 92.6% of trips are tolled trips.

Revenue on the 495 Express Lanes in the week prior to Christmas was approximately double that of the opening week of operations in mid-November.

Traffic and Revenue Data (December quarter)

Average Daily Trips 18,594
Average Workday Trips 23,308

Consistent with other express lane facilities, there is expected to be a ramp-up period with both usage and pricing expected to increase progressively over time.

HOV Travel
High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV 3+) and exempt vehicles make up approximately 7% of users.”

Are you a HOT lanes user? I am – love my EZ Pass.



One response to “495 HOT Lanes Usage for December

  1. some information that would be interesting:

    what was the traffic count and modal split when the highest tolls occurred?

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