Guardrail Coming to Franconia Springfield Parkway

I just got word from VDOT that the installation of a guardrail along the median of Franconia Springfield Pkwy between Rolling Rd and I-95 HOV ramps will begin shortly. We anticipate that construction be finished within a couple of weeks. The project facts are as follows:

  • The length of new guardrail being installed is 1.9 mile along the 2.2 mile long stretch.
  • New guardrail will be installed on the eastbound direction from Rolling Road to Bonniemill Lane and on the westbound direction from Backlick Road ramp to Bonniemill Lane.
  • Guardrail won’t be installed in the vicinity of left turn lanes at Bonniemill Lane due to the narrow median width and impacts on line of sight that would result if guardrail are added near the intersection.
  • There will be a 250 foot long gap in the guardrail over the Accotink Creek because bridge deck modification would be required to add a concrete barrier. The bridge work is beyond that scope and capacity of the current project. However, they are currently exploring avenues to establish a separate project to add the barrier.
  • A short segment of guardrail had already been installed on the westbound direction near the Backlick Road ramp.

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