Information for your Snow Day


VDOT is strongly encouraging citizens to stay off of the roads on Wednesday to allow the crews to clear the roads. Major routes are treated with chemicals and plowed once two inches have fallen. In Subdivisions, other low volume roads, hills and other trouble spots are treated with sand and plowed when two inches have accumulated.

VDOT has two snow removal programs, one for high volume roads, e.g., Interstates 66, 95, 495, Routes 15, 28, 50, Fairfax County Parkway, Prince William Parkway, and another for subdivisions (main thoroughfares in neighborhoods, residential streets and cul-de-sacs). Therefore, crews will be working on high volume roads and in subdivisions concurrently. Within each of these programs, roads with the highest traffic volumes are cleared first.

VDOT reminds motorists to use caution when driving during wintry weather. Drivers should:

  • Check current weather, road conditions and      traffic before traveling at or      by calling 511
  • Slow down, allow for extra time to reach      your destination
  • Be aware of potentially icy areas such as      bridges
  • Keep a safe distance of at least five seconds      behind other vehicles and trucks that are plowing the road

VDOT’s winter resources:
* For snow removal
* To view status of plowing in your neighborhood:
* For real-time traffic updates and road conditions:
Visit, download the 511 smartphone app, or follow @511northernva on Twitter

* Reporting unplowed roads or hazardous conditions: email or call 1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623)
To make the snow removal process easier, VDOT has a few recommendations and reminders for local citizens:
1. When shoveling your own sidewalk/driveway, leave at least 5 feet of snow from the curb until after the plow has passed through.
2. Park your car on the odd numbered side of the street or in driveways. The more cars are parked on the street, the less amount of snow is able to be plowed.
3. Stay off the road if there are reports of a storm. Abandoned cars are one of the biggest obstacles to the plowing process.
4. Remember that it is harder for crews to plow packed snow and especially ice. Don’t expect to be able to see black pavement once the plow comes through.
5. The goal is to make all roads one lane passable, not clear them completely of snow.


Dominion believes this to be a significant weather system and it is closely monitoring weather forecasts and moving crews in advance of the storm to areas expected to be hardest hit by the event.

Six or more inches are possible across the Washington suburbs. Winds will increase as the snow tapers off, peaking Wednesday afternoon with gusts up to 45 mph possible across much of Virginia.

NEW APPLICATION  –  Dominion has made it simpler for customers to report service interruptions and check on their status when using Dominion’s web site,, via their computers, smartphones or other mobile devices.

To report outages through one of these devices, all a customer needs is 10-digit telephone number associated with the account, and the last four digits of their Social Security number, federal tax identification number, or PIN. This information will be used to confirm the outages’ locations. Customers will also be asked for contact information to enable Dominion to obtain additional details regarding the outage if necessary. Additionally, customers using smartphones will be automatically directed to a mobile website through which they can obtain outage updates and view power outages by city and county.

Customers who lose power can also report the outages through Dominion’s toll-free customer service line, 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357). The company will also issue periodic updates on FaceBook and Twitter (DomVaPower).

For additional Dominion information, please CLICK HERE


NOVEC reports that all NOVEC and contract crews are prepared to restore electric service if snow-heavy trees and branches fall onto power lines and knock out power.  NOVEC reminds customers to never go anywhere near a downed power line, always assume it’s energized and deadly.  Please report to NOVEC ASAP by calling 703-335-0500 or 1-888-335-0500.

For additional information including outage maps please CLICK HERE

To prepare for outages:

  • NOVEC phone system can now accommodate      two phone numbers. The correct numbers will expedite outage reporting and      power restoration. Customers who use cellphones and have not registered      their numbers should call 703-335-0500 or 1-888-335-0500 to      associate their numbers with their accounts.
  • Charge cellphones. Cordless phones don’t work      when power is out.
  • Develop a plan for elderly or disabled family      members.
  • Have an emergency kit with non-perishable      food, water, flashlights with fresh batteries, battery-operated radio,      lanterns, canned fuel, matches, and first aid. If applicable, have enough      prescription drugs, pet food, and baby-care items.
  • Stock up on firewood for a wood-burning      fireplace or stove. Cover wood with a tarp or stack      some in a carport or garage to keep it from being buried by snow.
  • Before a storm hits, unplug TVs, DVD/ VCR      players, microwave oven, and computers to protect them from power surges      that can occur from trees and limbs contacting power lines.

WASHINGTON GAS To report issues and access tips from Washington Gas, please CLICK HERE

VERIZON  To access tips from Verizon, please CLICK HERE


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