Virginia: Compared to the Other States

Every year, JLARC (Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission) compares Virginia to other States in the Nation. I thought you all may be interested in how the Commonwealth stands in a various categories.

  • Per Capita Personal Income – Ranked 8th with an average of $44,376 per year.
  • Unemployment – Ranked 43rd with 6.9%!
  • State and Local Revenues as Percentage of Personal Income – Ranked 49th with 13.7%
  • State and Local Taxes as Percentage of Personal Income – Ranked 43rd with 9.2%
  • Bond Ratings – Ranked 1st (tied with ten other States) with an AAA rating.
    • Virginia has held this  rating since 1938, longer than any other State in the Union!
  • State and Local Per-Pupil Funding – Ranked 17th with $11,405
  • Per Capita Road Expenditures – Ranked 38th with $430

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