Update – Mason Neck State Park is 2nd in Coke Contest! Continue Voting!

I’d like to remind everyone that Mason Neck State Park is currently second in Coca Cola’s “Favorite Park” contest, out of 10,165 parks nationwide. And second place is worth $50,000, which the park could really use, because the state doesn’t have any extra money laying around! The contest began on June 6 and ends on July 15 so there is still time to vote!

That Mason Neck is doing so well is mainly due to six dedicated ladies who have been working since before the contest started to build support. None of them lives in Fairfax County, and three of them don’t even live in Virginia–two are from Pennsylvania and one from Iowa–so we are extra grateful for their support.

The only park ahead of Mason Neck is Veterans Memorial Park in Moore, Oklahoma, and it is very deserving of the $100,000 grand prize, because both the park and the town were devastated by a terrible tornado in May. As of July 6, Moore had 271,040 votes and, Mason Neck had 222,590. In third place–worth $25,000–was Thompson Park in East Liverpool,Ohio with 130,347, and in fourth (no prize) was Greis Veterans Memorial Park in Nassau, NY, with 102,242.

Mason Neck still needs votes because the contest is far from over. Also, July 14 and 15 are double vote days, and it is possible, under the rules, for a lot of votes to be cast retroactively. To vote:

  • Go to coke.com/parks and sign up; you can cast one vote a day there. If you want to do more:
  • On the Coke page, click on the link for FourSquare.com–register there and you can cast five votes a day
  • On the Coke page, click on MapMyFitness.com, where you can cast 10 votes a day and do it retroactively for any day on which you      have done 20 minutes of any “fitness activity”–even walking or  vacuuming.
  • After registering and voting at the Coke site, you should click on the links for FourSquare, where you can cast five votes a day, and MapMyFitness, where you can cast ten votes a day,  and do it retroactively back to June 6 for any day on which you’ve done 20      minutes of some “fitness activity” (which is very broadly defined).
  • July 13 & 14 are double vote days–so 5 votes become 10, etc; contest ends at midnight on the 15th

If you have any problems or questions, you can email some Mason Neck supporters at voteforwildlife@gmail.com. They will even do all the registering items for you!

Click here to see a graph of where Mason Neck stands in the competition.

Go vote on July 13 & 14th! Let’s bring the money home to Mason Neck!


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