Scam Alert – Springfield Area

One of my constituents alerted my staff of a scam being perpetrated in the Springfield area.  The police have been notified, but I wanted to alert everyone in case a similar situation should present itself in your neighborhood.

According to the report, two men posing as utility workers in an unmarked truck approached a homeowner in the middle of the workday.  One of the men knocked on the door and asked the homeowner if she would mind showing him where her meter was located, while the other man remained in the truck.

According to the police, these types of scams generally involve one man distracting the homeowner while the other breaks into the home.

Fortunately for my constituent and his neighbor, no one was harmed.  However, I wanted to be sure the news got out so that everyone can be on the lookout for similar scams.  Hopefully these individuals will be located soon, and prosecuted accordingly.



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