Online Voter Registration

On Tuesday, the State Board of Elections launched a new voter registration tool that will allow voters to register online. Voters will also be able to update their registration information online.

The URL for this site is:

So if anyone in your household has recently turned 18 or moved in, they can easily register to vote via this online tool rather than mailing in a registration form.

Since the introduction of this new online registration tool, I have been contacted by a few constituents with concerns regarding the opportunity for voter fraud.

In response, my staff spoke someone in the State Board of Elections and they gave some information on the new system. They assured us that the online registration is actually more secure than the traditional paper-based method.

No one will be able to successfully register through this system unless they provide a social security number and DMV Driver’s License Number that match the individual’s record with DMV. In short, the system is tethered to DMV’s records. Please note DMV’s rigorous qualifications for one to receive a license, including the requirement that all applicants provide proof of legal presence. In addition, no individual is automatically registered using this system. The General Registrars still perform their checks on every application before accepting, and every application is run against the prohibited voter list of felons, noncitizens, deceased voters, etc.

In short, there is a second layer of security added for online registration by leveraging the Driver’s License data that is not currently used for paper registrations. The registrar will still get a signature, the signature that is on file electronically with DMV. This has been implemented in several other states and it has improved the integrity of the voter rolls. Please remember, that voters now need a photo ID at the polls.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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