Status of HB 1234 to limit landfill expansions

I have had many of you contact me regarding House Bill 1234, which limits the expansion of a landfill from within 150 feet of a Resource Protection Area, and I wanted to touch base with everyone on the status of this bill.

The official summary of the bill reads as follows:

HB 1234: Limitation on location of a landfill. Requires the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality, during his consideration of whether to issue a permit for a new solid waste management facility or the expansion of an existing facility, to determine that the proposed expansion of a facility will not be located within 150 feet of a Resource Protection Area.

I am doing everything I can, but as I suspected, this bill was very hard to push through committee. The members of the House and Senate are very hesitant to put things in the Virginia Code that address local issues.

The bill has not been killed, but it’s being carried over into next year’s session. I am writing a letter to the Department of Environmental Quality to request that they look into the issues presented by this bill. I will continue to work for this but we must remember, this is at its core, a land use issue. According to the Code, land use is in the total control of local government. This is a good law because you don’t want Delegates from Virginia Beach, Danville, or Grundy telling you what your neighborhood should look like. So in the meantime, if you are concerned with the landfill in Lorton, please don’t stop working through your local Fairfax County representatives for a solution.

Let me know if you have any questions.




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