House of Delegates Passes Transportation Reform Legislation

On Monday, The Virginia House of Delegates voted unanimously to pass two bills that are part of the House Republican Caucus on transportation reform. These bills, HB 1090 by Delegate Ron Villanueva and HB 1095 by Delegate Chris Peace, will begin to innovate the way Virginians travel, and will spend money in efficient ways to achieve better “Smart Travel” infrastructure.

“House Bill 1090 is a common sense, good government oversight bill that will help move Virginia’s smart travel plans into the 21st century,” said Delegate Villanueva. “This is part of a strong series of reforms that will ensure Virginia’s new transportation revenue is spent responsibly and effectively.”

“House Bill 1095 will create a mechanism to fund and refine innovation transportation initiatives that utilize 21st century technology,” said Delegate Peace. “This bill will help spur innovation and promote smarter use of our transportation dollars.”

Monday also saw the passing of House Joint Resolution 122 by Delegate LeMunyon, which requires the Secretary of Transportation and VDOT to create and implement statewide transportation goals in a five-year plan of action.

Some other key transportation reform initiatives currently in the House include House Bill 2 sponsored by Delegate Stolle. This bill will require the Commonwealth Transportation Board and VDOT to develop and utilize a model for making a determination about all transportation projects. The bill aims to set “weights” for key transportation factors like congestion mitigation, development, safety, and accessibility. House Bill 1098 introduced by Delegate Anderson will require the Secretary of Transportation and VDOT to establish a smart transportation pilot zone like the one managed by Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute in Montgomery County, possibly to be built in Northern Virginia!

If you remember, last year I worked closely with other legislators on the first bi-partisan transportation package to be passed in almost 30 years. This year’s initiatives will continue the work of growing our economy and creating jobs, all while improving transportation in the Commonwealth.


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