Many Bills in the House Courts of Justice Committee

A fascinating article was recently published on Hampton Road’s online news source, Pilot Online, about the workload the House Courts of Justice Committee is facing this session. As you know, I am the Chairman of this committee, so I have spent many late nights reviewing the bills introduced

Nearly, 1,200 bills were introduced by the House of Delegates this session. The House Courts of Justice Committee was assigned 297 of those bills, the most any committee has seen since 2007! All of these bills needed to be debated before the Crossover deadline which is less than a few hours away. Even the House Committee on General Laws, which had the second most bill assigned bills, had less than half of the workload that my committee had.

We worked long nights in order to hear the hours of testimonies in support and opposition for each one of those 297 bills. The introduced bills dealt with a wide array of important subjects including a minor’s access to tobacco, the Sex Offender Registry, and even abortion. Each bill that passed through our committee carried a heavy significance.

I always remind the 22 members of the committee that a mistake made on any one of these bills could ruin someone’s life because many have personal impacts on multitudes of Virginians. The work was challenging, but necessary to ensure justice.

Below is the chart that was also published with the article. It depicts how the 1,488 House bills were distributed to committees this year.

Courts Chart

You can read the entire article here.




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