House of Delegates Passes K-12 Education Initiatives

On Tuesday, the House of Delegates passed a series of bills that will improve education in the Commonwealth. The bills passed will reduce and reform Virginia’s SOLS, increase access to education and explores the concept of teacher career ladders.  

First, Delegate Tag Greason of Loudoun, introduced HB 930. This bill will reduce the number of SOL tests students in grades 3-8 from 22 to 17, an overall reduction of 23%. The legislation would also require the Department of Education to place a greater emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking and knowledge-application skills.

Second, the House passed HB 1115, which will expand access to educational opportunities through the use of virtual classrooms. The “Virtual Virginia” program is created from this and will offer online classes in different divisions throughout the state. This is a good bill because for example, a student in Southwest Virginia could enroll in an AP course that is offered in Richmond.

Third, the House also passed legislation earlier this week that directs the Direct of Education to study and make recommendations on the concept of “teacher career ladders” in Virginia. Through this model, teachers would have the opportunity to advance on a “career ladder” – earning more opportunities and higher pay – as they gain experience and meet strategic criteria.

If you have any questions or would like more information on these bills and initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email – (804) 698-1042 or



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