House of Delegates Passes Medicaid Audit Legislation

As you know, Medicaid was one of the biggest topics in discussion this year in session, and a lot of legislation was put forth regarding its future in Virginia.

This Session, I introduced House Joint Resolution 40, which called for the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to conduct a comprehensive external operational study and financial audit of Virginia’s Medicaid Program.

I am thrilled to report that my resolution passed the House with overwhelming support, 70 to 29.

Steve Landes, the House Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission, said “There is clear consensus that Virginia’s Medicaid program needs significant reform. The Virginia General Assembly voted to create the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission to oversee the implementation of a series of reforms to help bend the cost curve and increase the quality of care in Medicaid, before any consideration was given to Medicaid expansion.”

I cannot say enough how much this program has grown: 1600 percent in 30 years! A program that consumes over 1/5 of the Virginia’s general fund, and is in dire need of audit before expansion can even be considered. The passage of HJ 40 is a huge step in order to study and figure out the exact challenges Virginia will face if we expand Medicaid.

You can see the entire text of the bill and follow it through the General Assembly at


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