VDOT Announces Snow Removal Costs

I wanted to share the following press release from VDOT about the weather and the impacts on their budget. It references the additional snow removal costs that will be paid out of VDOT’s overall maintenance budget.  VDOT is looking to where adjustments can be made to their maintenance budget to compensate for those costs.

As always, VDOT is continuing to evaluate and investigate suggestions for repaving/filling potholes. We may submit our inquiries online at http://www.virginiadot.org/travel/citizen.asp,  or by emailing novainfo@vdot.virginia.gov and calling 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623).

In addition, all of the advertised paving schedules (statewide) may be found online:  http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/ad_schedule.asp. To see specific projects for our area, click on “Pavement Contracts” under the Northern Virginia tab.

For quick reference – the following busy streets in our area are currently on the repaving schedule. These roads will be repaved when the funds become available:

  • Old Keene Mill Road (From Elder Avenue to Lee Chapel Road – 6.217 miles)
  • Burke Centre Parkway (From Burke Lake Road to Roberts Parkway – 1.38 miles)
  • Braddock Road (From Shirley Gate Road to West of Ox Road – 1.92 miles)
  • Sherwood Hall Lane (From Route 1 to Fort Hunt Road – 1.73 miles)
  • Chain Bridge Road (From Clifton Road to Davis Drive – 5.136 miles)

The snow removal press release is pasted below, but it can also be found online here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Dave


Adjustments will be made; agency has sufficient resources to repair potholes, pave roads and maintain safety on roads across Virginia

RICHMOND – The harsh winter has impacted the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) snow budget. VDOT will likely exceed its $157 million snow budget by more than $100 million, but VDOT has adequate resources in place from its larger maintenance budget for snow removal, pothole repairs, repaving and other activities to keep roads as safe as possible.

“Make no mistake, this winter has put a strain on our maintenance budget,” said Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne. “However, we have sufficient resources to ensure our roads are well-kept and we will continue to be good stewards of public funds. This winter has been rough, but we’re committed to delivering a safe and reliable transportation system. Motorists and the public can expect to see crews on the roads day in and day out working to improve transportation in Virginia.”

The additional snow removal costs will be paid out of VDOT’s overall maintenance budget.  VDOT is looking ahead at where adjustments can be made to the maintenance budget to compensate for those costs.  With safety always first, VDOT is considering the following adjustments:

  • Extend completion dates of select paving projects
  • Limit use of service contracts (excluding snow removal and pothole patching) and perform needed services with VDOT staff
  • Limit overtime (excluding snow operations/safety related activities)
  • Delay new equipment purchases

“The safety of motorists and our employees is always the first priority,” said VDOT Commissioner Charlie Kilpatrick. “Funds will be spent as necessary for snow removal, incident management and other maintenance needs including pothole patching.”

The snow budget is part of VDOT’s overall $1.8 billion maintenance budget for such expenses as pothole repairs, repaving and other activities. VDOT’s $1.4 billion construction budget will not be impacted by snow removal, pothole repair or other maintenance costs.


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