Mason Neck State Park Named One of ‘America’s Favorite Parks’

Today, the Governor and First Lady McAuliffe attended our local Mason Neck State Park to celebrate the beginning of a statewide outdoor challenge. This was made possible by a $50,000 grant from Coca-Cola.

Last year, Mason Neck parked placed second in Coca-Cola’s “America is your Park” campaign by receiving over 278,000 votes. The first-place winner was Veteran’s Memorial Park in Moore, Okla., which the city is rebuilding after the park was devastated by a tornado that hit the town last year.

The goal of the Coca-Cola America Is Your Park campaign was to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors and participate with their local parks. Because Mason Neck was a grant winner, Coca-Cola has partnered with them to launder their “Outdoor Challenge,” which encourages Virginians to get active.

Mason Neck is the first state park to launch this. They have developed interactive displays that educate park guests about ways to be active at the park and the health advantages of recreating outdoors. Challenge participants also will be able to track the calories they burn and other health benefits they accrue as they get active at the park.

Thanks to all of those people who helped last year and voted for Mason Neck! Way to go!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3 photo 4


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