Virginia reaches temporary agreement with Uber and Lyft

As you may know, the Virginia DMV has been going back and forth with Uber and Lyft regarding their operations in the Commonwealth.

As of yesterday, Uber and Lyft now have permission to operate, as long as they remain in compliance with Virginian law. It is temporary framework between the transportation network companies and state administration, but is likely to develop into a more permanent agreement in the future.

There are extensive conditions to which the transportation companies must comply to, including but not limited to: extensive background checks of drivers, review of driving histories, zero tolerance for the use of drugs or alcohol, drivers mush be properly licensed and over 21, and also numerous insurance requirements.

The DMV is leading a study to determine a long-term solution to address the services provided by Uber, Lyft, and other similar companies.

For more information, you can view the recent release on Governor McAuliffe’s website here.


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