2015 VA General Assembly Session Legal Related Bills

Here is a list of the legislation that passed this year and I expect that the Governor will sign into law (perhaps with clarifying amendments).   All become effective July 1, unless otherwise stated.  These are not all the laws passed. – just the ones I thought were interesting.  For the full web site of all laws, log onto: http://leg1.state.va.us.

Note:  Italics indicates new language we are adding to existing law, and strikethrough indicates language we are deleting from the existing law.

Civil Legislation
PI /Worker’s Comp /Med Mal. Law

  • HB 1350: Personal injury or wrongful death action; appointment of administrator.
  • HB 1476: Nurse practitioners; expert witness testimony, added to definition of health care provider.
  • HB 1486: Workers’ compensation; exclusivity of remedy.
  • HB 1610: Punitive or exemplary damages; consistency provided by changing references to damages.
  • HB 1775: Medical malpractice proceedings; health care providers; expert testimony.
  • HB 1819: Motor vehicle accidents; underinsured motorist claims, settlement procedures, subrogation.
  • HB 2016: Personal injury or wrongful death action; qualification of fiduciary.
  • SB 761: Personal injury and wrongful death actions; disclosure of address of alleged tortfeasor, etc.
  • SB 845: Volunteer first responders; immunity from civil liability when in route to an emergency.

 Family Law

  • HB 1397: Divorce; evidence by affidavit.
  • HB 1601: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA); amends Act to modify current version.
  • HB 1951: Child support; proportionate share of health insurance premiums.
  • HB 1783: Child support; arrearage.
  • HB 2383: Child support; disabled child over the age of 18.

Estate Planning

  • HB 1657: Advance directives; directions about life-prolonging procedures during pregnancy.
  • HB 1798: Fiduciary; qualification without security, issuance of certificates of qualification.
  • SB 1064: Administration of estates; liability of heir or devisee for real estate conveyed.


  • HB 1794: Foreclosure sale by trustee in execution of deed of trust; advertisement of time-share properties
  • HB 1905: Landlord and tenant law; retaliatory conduct by landlord.
  • HB 2080: Condominium Act and Property Owners’ Association Act; notice of sale under deed of trust.
  • SB 762: Tenancy by the entireties; property held in trust.


  • SB 891: Mechanics’ liens; subcontractor’s waiver of lien rights.

Civil Pro

  • HB 1610: Punitive or exemplary damages; consistency provided by changing references to damages.
  • HB 1635: Defamation; statue of limitations, actions involving Internet.
  • HB 1767: Unlawful detainer proceedings; satisfaction of judgments.
  • HB 1984: Judges; increases mandatory retirement age from 70 to 73.
  • HB 2048: General district court or circuit court; payment of funds.
  • HB 2172: Courts of record; submission of trial court record to appellate court.
  • HB 2355: Electronic communication service or remote computing service; obtaining records, real-time data
  • SB 1085: Value of property; enforcement of liens.

Criminal Legislation

  • HB 1287: Forfeiture of property used in connection with commission of crimes; conviction required.
  • HB 1308: Wire, electronic, or oral communications; civil action for unlawful interception, disclosure, etc.
  • HB 1353: Sex offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; Supplement to Registry.
  • HB 1355: Photo monitoring; use of systems to enforce traffic light signals, appeals.
  • HB 1367: Temporary injunction; affidavit or verified pleading
  • HB 1500: Overdoses; definition, safe reporting by individual.
  • HB 1506: Deferred and installment payments; condition of all agreements for fines, costs, etc., posting.
  • HB 1611: Assault and battery; felony when committed against certain persons.
  • HB 1639: DUI; persons convicted under laws of other states or federal law.
  • HB 1764: Criminal history record information; dissemination, etc., civil actions.
  • HB 1927: Criminal cases; venue for prosecution.
  • HB 1928: DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
  • HB 1946: Administrative subpoenas; electronic communication services.
  • HB 1957: Juvenile records; DMV information released to certain persons.
  • HB 1964: Commercial sex trafficking; penalties.
  • HB 2040: Prostitution, pandering, etc.; violation of certain provisions is punishable.
  • HB 2043: Incarcerated persons; transfer to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • HB 2120: Strangulation; alleged victim is a family or household member, admission to bail.
  • HB 2228: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; registration verification.
  • HB 2286: Firearms or ammunition; possession by convicted felons, restoration of rights, etc.
  • HB 2049: Preliminary hearing; certification of ancillary misdemeanor offenses.
  • SB 709: Computer and other crimes; venue for prosecution.
  • SB 720: Arrest photos on Internet; penalty.
  • SB 721: Seizure of property; receipt required.
  • SB 794: Judicial personnel; testimony of certain personnel.
  • SB 832: Blood samples; person authorized to take samples pursuant to a search warrant, immunity.
  • SB 855: Capital cases; determination of mental retardation.
  • SB 892: Overdoses; establishes an affirmative defense to prosecution of an individual, etc., safe reporting
  • SB 908: Police and court records; expungement, court may order without conducting a hearing
  • SB 915: Indecent liberties; venue.
  • SB 918: Sex offender registration; verification.
  • SB 919: Administrative subpoenas; electronic communication services, sealing of subpoena.
  • SB 961: Juvenile Justice, Department of; access to criminal history record information.
  • SB 1056: Child pornography and obscenity offenses; penalties.
  • SB 1290: Criminal cases; venue for prosecution.
  • SB 1307: Search warrants; collection of evidence from computers, computer networks, or other device.

Transportation Committee Bills

  • HB 1342: Driver of motor vehicle following too closely; includes non-motor vehicles.
  • SB 1411: Court costs; agreement with DMV authorizing collection of payment.

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