Delegate Albo announces his Campaign for Reelection

Springfield, VA– On March 18th, 2015, Delegate Dave Albo submitted the required documents to run in the Republican primary, confirming that he will seek reelection as Delegate of Virginia’s 42nd House District. Del. Albo has served in the House of Delegates since 1994 and currently serves as the Chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee.

Del. Albo grew up in West Springfield and currently lives in the South County area with his wife Rita and their 9 yr. old son Ben. Del. Albo stated, “I decided to run again because I still enjoy helping people where I grew up and have lived for the past 45 years.”

During his time at the General Assembly, Del. Albo has addressed the concerns of his constituents. These concerns have ranged from fixing small everyday problems to solving the most vexing issues facing Virginia.

Some of Del. Albo’s significant achievements:

  • Removed illegal signs from roadways
  • Made restaurants smoke-free
  • Banned commercial trucks from parking on residential streets
  • Invented the financing system that built South County Secondary School
  • Created more in-state slots for his constituents by adding 1,700 in-state slots at Virginia’s top universities
  • As Chairman of the Courts of Justice, Del. Albo oversaw the development of every new criminal and civil law in the past decade
  • Authored of most of Virginia’s Anti-Gang Crime and Anti-DUI Laws
  • Co-authored of Virginia’s Internet “Spam” Crimes Act and the Uniform Computer Internet Transactions Act
  • Co-authored the 2013 Transportation Bill that delivers Billions of new revenue for roads and rail, under the non-negotiable rule that the money raised in Northern Virginia stays in NOVA and 100% has to be used for transportation projects

Del. Albo’s effectiveness continues to be amongst the top in the House. Just this past session, Del. Albo was the chief patron of legislation that protects people from internet-defamation, allows mothers to breast-feed in public areas, and decriminalizes the possession and use of Cannabidiol and THC-A oil to treat patients and children with intractable epilepsy.

Albo’s legislative work always emphasizes making our government live within its means, improving upon our transportation, reforming our education system, and protecting our families from violent criminals, child molesters, and drug dealers.

“One of my proudest achievements is being on the team that during the Great Recession cut government spending to 2007 levels and saved money for the Rainy Day Fund,” said Del. Albo.

Del. Albo looks to build on these accomplishments in 2016 and to continue to serve the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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