Judge Jane Roush is named Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia

Governor McAuliffe has officially named veteran Fairfax County circuit judge Jane Roush to the Virginia Supreme Court. Justice LeRoy F. Millette Jr. will be stepping down on July 31st. I attended the press conference in Richmond today with other legislators to voice our support for her appointment.

Judge Jane Roush has served on the Circuit Court for Fairfax County since 1993. Her 22 years on the bench have earned her a statewide reputation for fairness, thoughtfulness, and her ability to handle complex and high-profile cases. Her support from bar associations, public safety professionals, and many others made her the best candidate for the position. Judge Roush has overseen many major cases, including a multimillion-dollar kyanite mining case and the 2002 Beltway sniper tragedy.

This is great for Fairfax County to have someone on the Supreme Court. She has done such a great job in our circuit court and I look forward to seeing her as the third female member on the seven person panel. I really respect Judge Roush and can’t wait to see her do great things on the Virginia Supreme Court!



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