I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, November 3!

Friends & Neighbors,

As you may know, I am really not into “politics”. Don’t get me wrong, I am a proud Republican because I believe in personal responsibility, that our Government exists to give people opportunities (a hand up rather than a hand out), that the best government is a small frugal Government that keeps taxes low, and that violent criminals need to be in prisons and not in our neighborhoods. What I mean by not being into “politics” is that I don’t like “gotcha” games, “tit for tat” arguments, and complaints rather than actions.

I think what we want from our Government is getting our roads paved, getting in-state slots at our state colleges, delivering money to our schools so we have smaller class sizes, keeping Virginia taxes low, taking care of those who are truly unable care for themselves, and having no tolerance for violent criminals. I am a guy who grew up here, lives here, and is just trying to make our neighborhood the best place in America to live, work and raise a family. I put people above politics in order to get things done. And I think I am doing a good job!  By reducing spending to 2007 levels and concentrating on vital government services, Virginia has gotten through this Recession better than most other states.  Virginia is ranked in the top 10 for:

  • Best State for Business (Forbes Magazine)
  • Best States to Make a Living (Money-Rates.com)
  • Pro-Business Ranking (Pollina.com).
  • 8th lowest combined state and local tax rate in the U.S. (50 States Combined Tax Burden Study: Joint Legislative Audit Review Commission)

If you are looking for a politician who focuses on grabbing headlines, then you shouldn’t vote for me.

If you are looking for results, I am your legislator.  For example, here are some of my bills you may not be unaware of:

    • Co-Author of the bill which bans smoking in restaurants.
    • Chief-Patron of the bill banning signs (e.g. “work at home”, “clean your gutters”, and even political signs) from the sides and medians of our roads.
    • Inventor of the financing mechanism which, in conjunction with local parents’ land swap idea, built South County High School.
    • Sponsored the bill that gives parents the legal protections to acquire medication to help alleviate their children’s seizures. (For more information, watch the NBC Dateline story, “Growing Hope,” linked on my website.
    • Passed a law to help victims of internet defamation fight back against the individuals who defamed them
    • Author of the language that made animal fighting (e.g. dog fighting) a felony. I also made it a felony to abuse pets by purposefully withholding food, water and shelter. (The United States Humane Society gave me their Humane State Legislator Award.
    • Author of many of Virginia’s anti-gang laws that make recruitment into gangs a felony and give mandatory prison time for gang crimes near schools.

The House of Delegates is a part-time legislature. I would be honored to return to Richmond this winter and represent you.  As I always say, I don’t go to Richmond “to do what Dave Albo wants to do.” Rather I go to do what you me to do.

Below is a summary of what I will be working on for you in the future.  If you like it, please come vote for me on Tuesday.

Improving our economy by making government work!  Good jobs are created by businesses, and businesses are attracted to states with governments that get the job done. There are no Virginia government shutdowns.  My fellow Virginia legislators and I deliver balanced budgets every year by reducing government spending to 2007 levels, cutting the fluff, concentrating on the delivery of vital government services, and remembering the word “compromise.” I will always work to deliver an on-time balanced budget – something our Federal Government can’t do.

Keeping taxes low to put more money in your pocket and create jobs.  Over the past two decades of service to you, I have reduced taxes by eliminating the tax on pharmaceuticals, cutting the food tax in half, and reducing the car tax by1/3.  Low taxes leave more money in your pocket to take care of you and your family, and create more jobs as businesses are attracted to states with low taxes.  I will work to keep Virginia one of the lowest tax states in the U.S. (We currently have the 8th lowest combined State and local tax rate in the U.S.)

Reducing congestion on our roads to get you to work and back home to see your family. I was the co-author of Virginia’s Transportation Plan that guarantees 100% of the money raised in NOVA stays in NOVA and is used exclusively for transportation.  In addition to what I already helped deliver (e.g. the Mixing Bowl, Fairfax Co. Pkwy., widening Rt. 123, Beltway and I-95), this plan will repave streets, widen roads, and build new mass transit. (We know it is working because Old Keene Mill Rd. was finally repaved.  Rt. 1 and Mt Vernon Hwy were re-aligned, Rt. 1 is being widened, and coming soon – the widening of Rolling Road from Old Keene Mill Rd. to the Fairfax County Pkwy!)

Funding top quality schools with small class sizes. Great schools give kids access to good jobs and entry into quality colleges and universities. I led all NOVA Delegates (Republican and Democrat) to work as a team to acquire an additional $816/student/year for our Fairfax schools over the past five years. As a former Fairfax County public school student myself, and as a parent to a fourth grader in our local Fairfax County schools, you can be assured that I will continue to work for our neighborhoods’ children.

Creating more in-state slots at our Virginia colleges and universities. By working with college Presidents and other legislators, I helped get UVA, W&M, JMU, CNU, GMU, VCU, and VA Tech to collectively add 3,500 new in-state slots over the past two years. And I am not done!

For more information on me and what I’m working on for you, please visit to www.DaveAlbo.org. Also, you can always reach me by phone at (703) 451-3555 or by e-mail at Dave@DaveAlbo.com.

It’s an honor to represent you!

Dave Albo


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