West Springfield High School Renovations

IMG_1224 IMG_1227

West Springfield High School looks the same as it did when I went there in the late 70s. Air Conditioning is the only thing that has been added.   It is in such poor shape that some bathrooms don’t work, a ceiling caved in and had to repaired, and most classrooms are unable to handle the needs of modern technology for science and computer labs.

About six years ago, with the help of local parents, a group of elected officials who are WSHS graduates (myself, Supervisor Pat Herrity, Clerk of Court John Frey, and others) began a project of promoting the renovation of WSHS to the Fairfax County School Board. Four years ago, we successfully got the architectural and engineering money. The plans are all complete, and now that the bond passed on Election Day, construction can begin!

A County cannot borrow money without authority from its voters. Fairfax County only borrows up to 3% of its budget so that it can maintain its AAA bond rating (the best bond rating that is awarded).[1] Both construction costs and interest rates are at historical lows, so building WSHS now is less expensive than waiting to do the project in the future. In short, now is the best time to get it done!

Thanks to you, and your votes on Election Day – WEST SPRINGFIELD WILL FINALLY BE RENOVATED!

[1] So that your taxes are not increased to fund bond projects, Fairfax County keeps its debt at very low levels. Furthermore, since interest rates and construction costs are at historical lows, it is actually less expensive to borrow money and construct now, rather than wait and build later when costs are higher. (Note: Under the County’s budget program, to assure a AAA bond rating, the County’s net long-term debt can not to exceed 3% of the total market value of taxable real and personal property in the County. The County also provides that annual debt service be kept below 10% of annual combined General Fund spending, and that bond sales shall not exceed an average principal amount of $275 million per year, or $1.375 billion over 5 years).


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