Session Update #3

There have been some late nights and very early mornings, but crossover is finally here! We are now officially at the halfway point of the 2016 Session, and I am excited to tell you about my bills that passed the House and are now off to the Senate:

  • HB 118: Urban county executive form of government; animal protection police officer.
  • HB 169: HOT lanes; enforcement and notification by lanes operator when person used without payment, etc. (Incorporated into HB 1069 which passed the House)
  • HB 170: Controlled paraphernalia; unlawful to possess or distribute, exceptions, penalty.
  • HB 171: Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio for certain mixed beverage licensees.
  • HB 172: Habitual offenders; evaluation of person be conducted by VASAP & recommendations submitted to court.
  • HB 175: Foreign business entities; service of process on registered agent.
  • HB 176: Pen register or trap and trace device; court allowed to issue an order for installation.
  • HB 177: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; crimes against nature, penalty.
  • HB 226: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses, performing arts facilities.
  • HB 227: Hearsay exceptions; admissibility of statements by children in certain cases.
  • HB 326: Electronic communication service or remote computing service records; obtaining records.
  • HB 572: Fines and costs; statutes of limitation on collection, etc.
  • HB 578: Virginia Public Procurement Act; architectural and engineering services, etc.
  • HB 886: Stalking; second offense, Class 6 felony.
  • HB 1213: Minors; certain education records as evidence.

Republican Crossover Press Conference

On Wednesday, House Republican leaders came together to deliver a press conference that talked about the accomplishments of the 2016 Session so far. You can read about the speech here:

House Budget

The House budget for 2016-2018 will be revealed on Sunday by the Appropriations Committee. They have worked hard to make sure that the budget reflects the needs of taxpayers, rejects Medicaid expansion, and invests in Virginia’s future. Here is a helpful link:

Please keep in touch with me throughout the rest of the Session. The feedback you provide helps me do a better job representing you. You can email me at or call me at (804)-698-1042. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook:


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