Session Update #4

There is only about a week left in the 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session, and things have been winding down here in the Richmond office. Most bills from the House and Senate are either awaiting approval from the Governor, or have been eliminated through the legislative process. I appreciate all of the feedback I have been given so far, and after Session I will continue to respond to your concerns and questions.

Legislative Updates

On March 7 at midnight, the Governor must either sign or reject a group of bills that have passed the House and the Senate. My bills that are up for decision are HB 170, HB 172, and HB 176. HB 170 distinguishes between possession and distribution of paraphernalia, HB 172 gives VASAP evaluations weight when a habitual drunk driver wants to restore driving privileges, and HB 176 would let courts order a wiretap either where a criminal lives or where a crime may have occurred.

In addition to the bills above, HB 118, HB 227, HB 326, HB 572, HB 578, and HB 1213 have passed the House and the Senate, but have not yet been sent to the Governor. Here is a reminder of what each of these bills would do:

  • HB 118: Restores the ability of Animal Control Officers to arrest animal abusers
  • HB 227: Makes certain statements by children under 13 in cases of abuse and neglect admissible in Court
  • HB 326: Gives a Court the ability to order an internet provider to not disclose the existence of a subpoena or warrant for at least 90 days
  • HB 572: Allows an individual to ask for interest on fines from a criminal case to be waived if they were accrued while the individual was incarcerated
  • HB 578: Makes negotiations between the Commonwealth of Virginia and contract employees fair by only listing exceptions after all qualified offerors are ranked
  • HB 1213: Helps children that are prone to outbursts at school by enabling the child or their legal guardian to present evidence in Court that proves the child’s behavior is out of their control

Families Pay a Visit to Richmond

This week was filled with family visits from District 42! Due to schools being closed on Super Tuesday, many children came to see their artwork on display in my office. I always love seeing how excited they are once they find their pictures on the wall.



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