Virginia Receives Top Honors for SMART SCALE Transportation Prioritization Process

I am extremely happy to announce that Virginia has won the STAR award for the creation of our SMART SCALE process. For years I have been urging VDOT to use science over politics in deciding what roads to build and what streets to repave. As a result of me and my fellow Delegates’ and Senators’ efforts, all new roadway transportation projects are rated based on how they reduce congestion, and all repaving projects are analyzed for quality and the streets in the poorest condition are repaved first. These efforts have been recently recognized with the creation of the SMART SCALE, a transportation prioritization process that is changing the way Virginia chooses to spend its money on the community purely based off well researched facts and collected data. It was created solely to ensure that the best projects are being placed into action for the benefit of the community and for maximum quality of life and economic growth.

The State Transformation in Action Recognition, or STAR for short, award was given to this system because we are using the SMART SCALE to make sure that every dollar or purchase is utilized to the best of its abilities and for the overall development of Virginia and for the Virginia taxpayers. This program is so tremendously successful that it is recognized as the only one of its kind in the nation, and will hopefully inspire other states to partake in this process so to better the community as we have.



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