West Springfield High School Renovation as Told by a Spartan

“I am a rising senior at West Springfield High School. I have a firsthand look of West Springfield and have been around the school before the renovation, and will have one year in school during the renovation. Being a resident of the area and having many siblings that have attended West Springfield, I have seen the school age, change, and become (in my opinion) more run down every year. A more detailed idea about the current state of the school would be that: in the school we have toilets that don’t always work or flush, moldy floor tiles that are rotting away, the air conditioning doesn’t always work or when it does it isn’t the desired temperature, many stairwells look rusted and have piles of garbage stuffed into the sides of the stair, a good amount of ceiling tiles had water damage on them from a leak in the pipes, many of the lockers were stuck closed and needed extra force to open them, the majority of the windows were stuck or needed a great force to wedge them open or close them, the turf field needed to be re-done because there was more turf than fake grass, and the overall structure and appearance of the school is lacking most times. That is why I am extremely excited that the school is in the process of being renovated.

WSHS will soon turn the tender age of 50 after being established in 1966. West Springfield was and will continue to be a diverse and happy community of individuals, but now it will actually have a real third floor (we always teased the freshmen that there was a secret pool on the third floor). The construction of the school will take approximately 3 years total ending in the year 2020. The planning begun a few years ago and was carefully planned out to the last detail, along with budgeting. The school wasn’t supposed to be renovated for a few more years but thanks to the help of our government officials, like Supervisor Pat Herrity and Dave Albo who brought the problem of our blighted school to light, our school board members who found the money to make it happen, and the taxpayers who are paying for it, the renovation process was moved forward, approved, and now is starting earlier than previously decided.

Renovations started by placing a trailer park outside of the school in the old practice field so the school could begin renovating and placement of a third floor onto the original structure. Due to the renovations, some sacrifices needed to be made. They had to remove a good number of trees that have been on the school’s land for a number of years, and there will be no parking lot for senior use next year. Sacrificing the trees, classrooms for trailers, and parking lot are all necessary actions that needed to be taken in order to give our school a proper makeover.

The main problems in the school that the renovations will be addressing are the fields, the structure of the building, the classrooms, the ceilings, floors, lockers, gyms, auditorium, parking lot, and an overall beautification of the school itself. An overview of what will happen to each aspect of the school is as follows. The field will get new turf, the score board will be replaced, there will be a new press box, they will build a third floor onto the school building and renovate the existing ones, expand the gyms, create equal sized lockers all around the school, install new floors and ceiling tiles, refurnish the classrooms, and, most importantly, they will install manual AC units and re-do the bathrooms (most of which are broken or are too unpleasant to go near). Pictures of the current state of WSHS are below.

Although it is great that the school is finally being renovated, and the protective coat of West Springfield filth will be lifted and replaced with a clean coat of paint, the spirit and great community of the school will always stay intact.”


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