Rolling Road Turn Lane Options

I want to make you aware of an issue that has come up on Rolling Road re-design and ask for your comments.  Residents on Rolling Road want the project to include a mutual turn lane in the middle, and residents who do not live on Rolling seem to want a raised median with cut outs for turn lanes.

Maybe a picture describes this idea better.  Here is a picture of a road with a mutual turn lane:


Here is a picture of a road with raised medians with cut outs for turn lanes:


To me, the raised medians are much more attractive aesthetically. But safety is most important.  Having oncoming traffic without a barrier, in my opinion, is a safety concern. The raised medians provide the barrier, and the cut outs for the turn lanes get turning cars out of the way so passing traffic can proceed through.

The raised medians will increase the width of the road by 15 feet at its widest point.  The mutual turn lanes increase the width by 12 ft.  But if we make the bike paths go from 10 feet to 8 feet, the impact of the raised medians will only be 1 foot.  While taking an extra foot of our Rolling Road neighbors’ property is not desired, it is my opinion that it is worth it to improve the safety of the roadway.

This is why I am e-mailing you. VDOT has received written requests from the people who want mutual turn lanes, but they have not received requests from people who want raised medians.  It is my impression that the vast majority of those who do not live on Rolling want raised medians with turn lanes, but I could be wrong. That is why I am writing.

Please log onto this site and tell VDOT if you want the raised medians or the mutual turn lanes.  Even if you disagree with me, you should write.  I am not your Delegate to do what I want to do; I am elected to do what you want. Please let VDOT know what your preference is. You can email comments directly to VDOT at


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