Legislators Tour Improved Roads

On January 5th, a group of legislators had the opportunity to witness the lasting effects of HB 2313 on a bus tour through Fairfax County and Northern Virginia. The bill, which I supported, has funneled more than $1.2 billion into transportation improvement projects in the Northern Virginia region since its passage in 2013. During the tour, members of the General Assembly climbed aboard a bus and did a “rolling” tour of the revamped roads.

Fairfax County alone has received an estimated $274 million in new transportation funds as a direct result of HB 2313. Many of Northern Virginia projects that have benefited from the revenue may be familiar to my constituents. The Fairfax Connector added new bus bays, allowing for quicker bus maintenance and bus storage. The I-66 “Outside the Beltway” project, which expands the highway to three general lanes, and two express lanes, could not have been begun nor completed without the financial support from HB 2313. HB 2313 has assisted in the expanding Route 28 from 2 to 6 lanes, a project expected to be completed in summer of 2017. The increased number of lanes is expected to postiviely affect the experience of nearly 125,000 drivers a day. Now it is widening Rolling Road.

HB 2313, the result of bipartisan cooperation, has also led to transjurisdictional transportation partnerships, encouraging Northern Virginia districts to work together to ease the burden on commuters. More broadly, the bus tour demonstrated how HB 2313 established a cohesive strategy for transportation, which is crucial for Northern Virginia moving forward.


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