The 2017 Proposed Budget

The Virginia House of Delegates Appropriations Committee is expected to vote on a proposed two-year state budget this Thursday, February 9. The budget is fiscally conservative, responsible, and balanced. General spending, adjusted for inflation and population, has decreased by 5% over the past 10 years. The budget prioritizes public safety, primary education, economic development, combating domestic violence, healthcare, and wage increases for state employees. In keeping with the conservative principles from the House of Delegates, the Budget does not include any fee or tax increases. The budget manages to promote funding for core government programs while expanding transparency for government’s economic development.


The Budget invests in primary and second education, funneling nearly $15 million to education for grades K-12. It also includes funding to make college more affordable for all Virginians, and prioritizes in-state students.

Public Safety

$1.5 million is allocated to programs that support victims of Domestic Violence, including preventative measures. It also raises the salaries of the Virginia State Police and provides adjustments for the salaries of Capitol Police and in sheriff’s offices and regional jails.


Obama’s Medicaid expansion is not included in the proposed budget. Instead, the House decided to use $28.5 million to construct a better safety net, which includes funds for programs that assist, among others, substance abusers and the mentally ill.

Supporting State Employees

            The House is proud to support a 3% pay raise for state employees in the proposed budget, which is twice that which Governor McAuliffe proposed. It also proportions funds to assist in a statewide study on pension reform and retirement plans.


            Transportation is funded by money directed specifically to transportation (e.g. gas tax, car titling tax, etc). You can look on my website at to see the projects that we are currently working on.

Overall, myself and the House of Delegates has the utmost confidence that this budget will responsibly increase spending and accountability in the most important areas of our government without taking more from the taxpayers.


One response to “The 2017 Proposed Budget

  1. The amounts mentioned don’t make sense. The annual budget is around $51 billion. $15 million for education, $1.5 million for public safety, and $28.5 million for health care are in the round off range. I am sure there must be some qualifier for these statements; e.g., this is the amount for our district. True?.

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