Opioid Overdoses in Fairfax County

Over the past ten years, overdoses from opioids have almost doubled in Fairfax County. There were a total of 103 fatal overdoses in 2016 alone. Opioid addiction is becoming a large issue for the state of Virginia and Fairfax County, and our House of Delegates has been working hard to try and combat this problem. My fellow Delegates and I have passed many new bills which will hopefully mend some of the problems with opioids. Two House Bills, HB 1453 and HB 1750, made naloxone, an emergency anti-opioid drug, more available for treatment uses. In addition, HB 2165 has created a system for prescribing all opioids electronically by 2020 which will hopefully cut down on drug abuse rates. Finally, in an effort to reduce spread of diseases transmitted by sharing needles, HB 2317 legalized syringe access programs. Virginia will continue to work towards eradicating this debilitating drug addiction.


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