October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Domestic violence succeeds when we’re silent. October is an opportunity for everyone to speak out against domestic violence.

Facts about domestic violence:

  • More than 12 million men and women become victims of domestic violence each year.
  • One in four women and one in seven women will experience severe physical violence from a spouse or partner during their lifetimes.
  • Approximately two-thirds of all domestic violence incidents occur at home.
  • Domestic violence is the third leading cause of homelessness.
  • More than three million children each year are witnesses to domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence costs more than $37 billion a year in law enforcement involvement, legal work, medical and mental health treatment, and lost productivity at companies.
  • In 2014, Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Agencies responded to 71, 091 hotline calls, provided face-to-face counseling and advocacy services to 20,096 victims of domestic violence, including 3,996 children and 7,227 victims of sexual violence, including 1,822 children, and provided emergency shelter to 5,958 people.

Virginia’s record:

  • The General Assembly has passed more than 36 pieces of legislation over the last 10 years aimed at combatting domestic violence.
  • In 2015, the General Assembly passed a series of changes to combat sexual and domestic violence on college campuses, including legislation to strengthen reporting requirements, require colleges to work with local crisis centers, require campus police to notify local law enforcement, and create a state advisory committee for sexual and domestic violence.
  • In 2014, the General Assembly appropriated $3.1 million for domestic violence prevention, treatment and other services.

Why you should vote for the school board


Severe Weather Alert!

Severe weather is expected to impact our area tomorrow. Please tune in to local media for updates on the storm, road conditions and school closings and delays. And most importantly — stay safe!

Forecasters as expecting as much as 8 to 10″ of rain over the next 48 hours, and there is a possibility that Hurricane Joaquin will impact Virginia by early next week.

Here are some resources you may find useful:

Dominion: (1-866-366-4357) – https://www.dom.com/residential/dominion-virginia-power/outage-center/report-and-check-outages

Road Conditions: www.511virginia.org

Ready Virginia Mobile App: http://www.vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia/additional-resources/mobileapp

General Emergency Planning Tips: http://www.vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia/makeaplan

Verizon: To report an outage call 1-800-837-4966.

Cox: To report an outage call 703-378-8422.

Washington Gas: If you smell gas, or in the event of a natural gas emergency, leave the area immediately and call 911 and Washington Gas at 703-750-1400 or 1-800-752-7520.

NFIB Endorsed Social Media Graphic

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s leading small business association. I look forward to continuing my work to support our small business owners, families, and employees. Thanks NFIB!

Nominations Now Being Accepted to Wall of Honor for Virginia Women’s Monument

My grandmother is the person got me interested in Government.  She marched in the Woman Suffrage protests, was one of the few women in her town to be college-educated, and I always remember her reading every single page of the newspaper every single day.  She was an extraordinary woman, but she was from Pittsburgh.

If you know of an extraordinary woman from Virginia, I will help you nominate her to the Virginia Women’s Monument Commission. The Commission is seeking nominations from across the Commonwealth of women who should be considered to have their names inscribed on the Wall of Honor that will be constructed on Capitol Square in Richmond.

To be considered, candidates must:

  • Have been a native Virginian or have lived a great portion of her life in Virginia, and be known and recognized as a Virginian, or have achieved or contributed in a significant manner while living in Virginia.
  • No longer be living and have died at least ten years prior to consideration.
  • Have demonstrated notable achievement, made a significant contribution, or set an important example, within her chosen field of endeavor, her region or at the state or national level.

Nominations forms and other information can be found at http://womensmonumentcom.virginia.gov/. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2015!

Clean Energy in Virginia

This year the EPA hopes to have the Clean Power Plan adopted and implemented in our state. Virginia has already been making progress towards being more efficient and environmentally friendly state. On a personal note, I am a big fan of clean energy. I use a geothermal system to heat and cool my house.

Virginia is home to a large amount of “renewable” and clean energy systems. Currently, Dominion power is working to make more of their facilities clean power plants, and has already closed 17 coal plants. The Dominion Power wind farms in the West Virginia Mountains supply power to Virginia. They can power 62,000 homes. Of course the problem with wind is that it only works when it is windy, so it is at full capacity only 30% of the time. Dominion has three biomass conversions plants. They mostly burn wood chips left over from lumbering activities. Biomass is also often done with switch grass. They produce a total of 153 Mega Watts. Each MW powers 250 homes, so these biomass facilities power the equivalent of 38,250 homes. In the future, Dominion is looking toward solar power. There is an application with the State Corporation Commission to build a 33 MW solar facility. The problem with solar power at our latitude and climate is that it will only be available 20% of the time. Finally, Dominion is presently pursuing grants for offshore wind.

Most importantly, under the Clean Power Plan, Virginia plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 38%.

ICYMI: Information regarding the expansion of Rolling Road



Albo Endorsed by the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation

I am very happy to announce that the Virginia Farm Bureau Federations AgPAC has announced that they will support me in my candidacy for the House of Delegates election this year! The VFBF chooses candidates with an understanding of the importance of farmers and agriculture in our state. It works to ensure that dedicated farmers are supported and treated fairly by the government. I am happy to support the hard working men and women who help our Virginia agriculture and economy continue to grow.

Virginia’s K-12 Educational Funding Framework

Over my years as a Delegate, I’ve received a few questions on how K-12 school funding works. Recently Virginia Tech sent me a great article explaining the process, from where the money comes from, to emerging issues that could affect the funding policy. If you’re interested I would highly recommend taking a look, it’s only about two pages long.

Click here to read the entire article.

There is still time to help LCAC!

22 Teens Need Your Help

There are 22 middle and high school teens who need backpacks, can you help? Our Back2School outreach is this weekend and we want to be able to help all 525+ students who signed up to receive school supplies through LCAC.

Students start the year feeling more prepared for success when they have a new backpack full of everything they need to start classes. View the 8th grade and high school supply lists.

If you are able to help these students, backpacks can be dropped off at:

The LCAC this week for drop off between 8:30-4:30

Sentara Advanced Imaging Center (by Glory Days Grill) until Thursday, August 20

The Moose Family Center on Saturday, August 22 from 10:00-12:00

For more info: click here.